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Swisscom Coverage Reaches 60% of Swiss Population

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Swisscom 4G

Switzerland based mobile operator Swisscom has announced that 60 per cent of the Swiss population already have access to operator's LTE network at some 300 locations across the country. According to Swisscom, around half a million its customers already use 4G LTE – second only to Sweden in Europe. 

Swisscom is looking to extend LTE network to over 70% of the Swiss population by the end of the year.

Two out of three mobile devices sold by Swisscom are smartphones, with the proportion of 4G/LTE enabled devices rising steadily. Swisscom currently boasts around half a million 4G/LTE-enabled devices on its network, which accounts for just under 9 per cent of all devices. 

The last 12 months have seen the data volume on Swisscom's mobile network jump by 130 per cent, or by a factor of 27 since 2009. Swisscom will invest CHF 175 billion in networks this year alone to continue offering customers optimum data connection despite the ever-growing demands on the network.

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