Tecore to Showcase LYNXTM NIB with LTE-A/LTE-U at CTIA in Las Vegas

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Tecore Networks

Tecore Networks, a mobile network infrastructure supplier, will be showcasing its latest LYNXTM NIB platform, which encompasses all 4G LTE network components including EPC, HSS, MME and eNodeB at the CTIA Super Mobility Show in Las Vegas, Nevada September 9, 10, and 11, 2015. According to company, the LYNX delivers 4G LTE capability for rapidly deployable communications to wireless operators and to support first responders for disaster recovery or humanitarian missions. 

In line with the industry evolution to LTE-A and LTE-U, the LYNX provides the requisite spectrum flexibility allowing configuration of the operating band, aggregation set, and parameters to match the requirements of the deployed location. The LYNX can change its operational configuration from site-to-site based on the available spectrum (licensed or not) while continuing to offer a consistent 4G LTE service to the users. 

Additionally, the LYNX operates in a local virtualized machine environment allowing the incorporation of third party applications and services onto the same platform. By leveraging the power of Tecore’s Mobility Virtualized Platform®(MVP) and the next generation software defined network capability, operators can locally incorporate custom application suites and security enclaves that match the requirements of the deployment.

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