Telecom Namibia Picks ZTE to Deploy LTE-Ready Network

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The Telecom Namibia Group has selected ZTE to build a unified mobile network that will provide the Group with a fully transformed 2G/3G/4G networks. The partnership deal was signed today and includes the designing, planning, supply, delivery and implementation of IMS GSM LTE network infrastructure for Leo and Telecom Namibia.

The deal is worth U$46 million and involves the rollout of base stations in three phases, according to Frans Ndoroma, Telecom Namibia Managing Director. This includes a number of road coverage sites throughout the country as well.

In terms of the contract, the project will deliver a converged switching platform for both fixed and mobile service with an IMS (IP multimedia systems) core for personal multi-media communications. It will also deliver mobile radio access networks, both 3G and LTE to expand the overall coverage and data capacity for Leo, as well as integrating this IMS core with operator's fixed network to provide a single point for activation and service provisioning as well as billing interface with the Group’s newly installed Billing system.

In parallel to the core network and Value-Added Services platform enhancement phase, base stations will initially be deployed to replace the existing 2G sites of Leo and CDMA base stations. The CDMA network is going to be recovered once all CDMA customers have been transferred to the new Leo network.

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