Telstra Global Selects Tekelec for New LTE Services

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Tekelec announced today that Telstra Global is offering LTE roaming services across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region using company’s Diameter Signaling Router (DSR). Tekelec’s DSR is providing the diameter signaling hub for Telstra Global’s IPX service announced last month. 

“Operators are examining how to maximize the benefits that LTE networks provide, and international roaming is the first step,” said Tejaswini Tilak, Global Head of Carrier Services at Telstra Global.

Tekelec’s DSR enables the secure exchange of authorization, authentication, billing, charging and network policies that use the diameter protocol to maintain subscribers’ LTE services while visiting international markets.

In diameter routing market, Tekelec has 19 announced customers and an estimated 75 percent to 85 percent market share, according to industry analyst firm Exact Ventures.

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