Turkcell and Huawei Complete LTE Spectrum Coordination on a Commercial Network

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Turkcell and Huawei have completed LTE Spectrum coordination on Antalya's commercial LTE network with Huawei’s latest eRAN13.1 solution. This solution enables coordination between high and low LTE bands to realize channel selection based on a user’s experience and maximize user throughput. 

The deployment of high frequency bands has been facing huge challenges. Uplink coverage pales in comparison to downlink coverage due to the inherent characteristics of these bands and limited transmit power of terminal devices. As a result, high bands fail to deliver an excellent cell-edge user experience and rich spectrum resources cannot be fully leveraged.

LTE Spectrum Coordination can effectively improve user experience at the cell edges. In this test, the downlink channel is always hosted by both high and low bands, while a UE can select either high or low bands as a suitable uplink channel to obtain a high data rate and an excellent experience. A UE located in the center of the cell selects high bands as an uplink channel, whereas a UE located at the edge of the cell selects low bands for better uplink coverage. This solution effectively improves cell-edge user experience. According to test results, the downlink data rate increased by over 30% at cell edges.

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