Verizon Wireless Expands LTE Network, Adds New Markets

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Verizon Wireless LTE coverage Dec. 2012

Verizon Wireless LTE network now covers 473 markets. Earlier this week, operator launched LTE network in Keen & Lebanon in New Hampshire.  Verizon Wireless also has further expanded its LTE network in some New Hampshire communities.

Operator continues to expand its network and is currently covering close to 89 percent of its U.S. footprint. According to company’s plan, by mid-year LTE will be available in nearly every US market currently served by the company’s 3G data service. And by year’s end, the Verizon 4G LTE footprint will completely cover the area served today by its 3G network.

This year, the company also will continue to work with rural communications companies through LTE in Rural America, helping them to build and operate a 4G LTE network in their areas.

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