Zain Saudi Arabia and Huawei announced the Launch of First LTE-Advanced High Speed Mobile Broadband Network

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Zain Saudi Arabia and Huawei, have announced the launch of the first commercial LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation in two frequency bands (Band 1 and Band 3) network in the world.

After the launch of its popular LTE network in 2011, Zain has focused on developing a more advanced mobile broadband experience to serve its customers in Saudi Arabia in a better way.

By launching an LTE-Advanced network in partnership with Huawei, Zain can offer superfast mobile speeds of up to 150 Mb/s with high bandwidth and compatibility with its existing nationwide LTE network.  LTE-A network was developed by implementing Carrier Aggregation in two frequency bands (Band 1 and Band 3). The new network not only doubles its capacity but enhances the user speed upper limit from 75Mbps to 150 Mbps in order to meet the growing levels of data usage from mobile subscribers in Saudi Arabia.

In collaboration with its strategic partner Huawei, Zain also set up the ‘Tech City’ project in Saudi Arabia to establish protocols to understand the best user experience, aiming to achieve the best voice quality, web and video experience in the Saudi market. The LTE-A CA solution is one of many technologies intending to significantly enhance the network efficiency and improve the user experience speed.

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