ZTE Demonstrates 4G Rail Telecommunication Solutions at GITEX and Middle East Rail Technology Exhibition

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ZTE is demonstrating its 4G rail telecommunication solutions at GITEX and the Middle East Rail Technology Exhibition. Prior to the events, which take place in the Middle East, ZTE's 4G rail telecommunication solution was successfully implemented into the Wenzhou City Railway Line S1 project in China. 

This solution provides three TD-LTE-based key services, including wireless multimedia broadband trunking, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and Passenger Information System (PIS), changing from the previous networking mode, where Tetra and WLAN provided separate bearing for different services. The rail telecommunication project fully uses 4G wireless broadband trunking.

In December 2012, ZTE and Zhejiang Mobile jointly completed the construction of the 4G TD-LTE network covering the Jiaxing Section of the Shanghai-Huangzhou high-speed railway. The project provided 4G data download on a train running on a high-speed railway, at a speed of 350km/ph.

Rail transit communications are highly sophisticated systems requiring massive service data transmission between the train and the ground. According to ZTE, its Dedicated LTE Rail Transit Communications System supports the transmission of various service data, including the service data of the passenger information system (PIS), Onboard CCTV systems, and communications-based train control (CBTC) system. In addition, these channels can be used to transmit data of various passenger-oriented services, including QoS-assured passenger entertainment systems (PES) and WiFi access services.

The ZTE Dedicated LTE Rail Transit Communications System provides LTE-based multimedia trunking dispatch services for the implementation of multimedia video trunking calls between a train driver and a command center, dispatcher, or maintenance section. Train staff are equipped with smart push-to-talk devices for implementing voice and video trunking calls and various services such as office data, images, and high-definition videos.

At GITEX, the international consumer telecommunication exhibition in the Middle East and Africa, ZTE demonstrates the smart transportation solution in its Smart City-themed booth. At the Middle East Rail Technology Exhibition, a rail transportation technology event taking place in March 2015, ZTE will demonstrate the advanced rail telecommunication solution in the industry. This consists of an integrated railway telecommunication signal solution, a dedicated subway telecommunication system solution, and a railway telecommunication system sub-solution.

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