ZTE Deploys Multi-carrier TD-LTE Network with China Mobile Hong Kong

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ZTE has announced the deployment of the multi-carrier TD-LTE network with China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK). In July, ZTE partnered with CMHK and Ericsson to announce a deal to deploy the TD-LTE network with a coverage area of more than 70 per cent of the territory. It marked the first time ZTE adopted a multi-carrier technology with a single wireless base station to support complex wireless communication conditions in Hong Kong. 

CMHK received its Hong Kong LTE-TDD license in February 2012 for the 2330MHz-2360MHz of 30MHz frequencies. 

As part of the contract with CMHK, ZTE will provide LTE-TDD solutions to CMHK, including SDR BTS, terminals, network planning, integration and network optimization. 

According to ZTE, it has deployed TD-LTE trials and commercial networks for 33 leading operators in 19 countries, and won nine large-scale LTE-TDD commercial contracts worldwide. 

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