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Alcatel-Lucent and Telefonica to Deploy Femtocells in Germany

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Telefónica plans to deploy of femtocell technology in Germany to help boost 3G mobile broadband access and quality for Telefónica customers in Germany. Alcatel-Lucent’s ‘plug-and-play’ femtocell solution for Telefónica in Germany includes femtocell gateways and modems that can be installed in enterprises and -- in general -- outdoor locations in high density areas. 

Telefónica is marketing the modems as “Signal Box by O2“. It is about the size of a typical Wi-Fi base station, and gets linked with a cable to any Internet connection and a power supply. 

Telefónica in Germany’s femtocells deployment will increase the capacity of its wireless 3G network coverage into home-offices, campus areas, shopping malls and hot-spot areas, where the traditional macro cell deployment is limited today.

This agreement builds on the global agreement made in 2012 and will be instrumental in support of the recent external link business offering announced in May 2013.

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