CDMA operators seek LTE frequencies in 450MHz spectrum

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The six CDMA-450 mobile operators, Sky Link (Russia), TRIATEL (Latvia), DIALLOG (Belarus), Ufon (Czech Republic), G-Mobile (Mongolia), Telemobil SA (Romania) and the group CDG SIG450 (The CDMA Development Group 450 Special Interest Group) appealed to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for permission to use a range of 410-862 MHz for LTE.

ITU is studying the potential to use 450 - 862 MHz range for IMT Advanced. Operators are requesting to extend the range to frequency band 410 - 862 MHz.

"As all the operators - participants of the meeting CDG SIG450, Sky Link is interested in developing technologies and CDMA450 market in the world," said Gulnara Khasyanova, managing director of Sky Link.

According to 3Dnews, the representative of Vimpelcom Yelena Prokhorova confirmed that the technological characteristics of the 450 MHz band is suitable for networks of LTE, although there are also difficulties. According to a representative of the operator Megafon, the range of 450 MHz is suitable for the village, but not for the urban environment, where much more advantageous to use frequencies 2.2-2.7 MHz.

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