EMT LTE Network to Cover 95% of Estonian Population by the End of 2013

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Estonian operator EMT plans to provide LTE coverage to 95% of Estonian population by the end of 2013 and throughout the whole country by the end of 2014. EMT is currently building its 4G LTE network in the 1800MHz and 2600MHz frequency bands. According to operator it’s 4G LTE covers 75 percent of the country’s population. 

The 1800MHz provides better coverage, while 2600 MHz is better at covering densely populated areas. According to Tiit Tammiste, CTO at EMT, the company is also interested in getting the 800MHz license, when it will be auctioned, but that does not affect the 4G network roll-out this year. 800MHz frequency will be used in rural areas.

Operator says that over 30% of EMT’s mobile data subscribers opt for a 4G plan. EMT’s 4G network is open for modems and tablets, EMT has also opened its 4G services for smartphones. EMT launched the 4G network in Estonia in 2010.

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