Ericsson and Qualcomm Demonstrate SRVCC Voice Handover between LTE and WCDMA

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Ericsson together with Qualcomm successfully performed a voice handover based on the 3GPP-standardized functionality Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) demonstrating users will experience seamless voice services when they move out of LTE coverage, since the call will automatically be handed over to WCDMA or GSM access during the call.

Handover of a voice call from LTE to WCDMA was successfully established on December 23 last year using Ericsson end-to-end network infrastructure and an LTE/3G multimode smartphone chipset from Qualcomm.

Up until this point, the main use of LTE has been for mobile data traffic, however operators are starting to evolve their networks to support voice and SMS over LTE (based on VoLTE GSMA IR.92), and prepare for introduction of new globally interoperable multimedia services on LTE smartphones.

"By accomplishing this advanced LTE handover technology together with Qualcomm, we now ensure that operators can meet consumers' expectations on a high-quality voice over LTE service. Operators will be able to maintain their quality brand for their voice business when they launch voice over LTE," Johan Wibergh, Head of Business Unit Networks, Ericsson.

SRVCC enables operators to deploy voice over LTE, seamlessly handing over to existing GSM and WCDMA installed base as needed, to provide a robust voice service with global reach to their LTE smartphone users.

The first operators are expected to begin deploying SRVCC during 2012, followed by more global commercial launches in 2013.

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