GSA confirms growing traction for LTE using 2.1 GHz spectrum

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The LTE2100 market status report by GSA confirms that 15 operators in 11 countries have commercially launched LTE systems and service using 2.1 GHz (band 1) spectrum, almost double the number of networks launched compared to one year earlier. Several additional operators are deploying or considering use of 2.1 GHz for their commercial LTE network deployments where feasible.

According to GSA data, over 36% of all LTE user devices can operate in 2.1 GHz band 1 spectrum, compared to 28% one year earlier. 1,185 LTE2100 user devices have been announced to the market by 142 manufacturers.

According to GSA, the number of LTE2100 compatible devices more than doubled over the past year (118% higher). Band 1 is the third most supported band for LTE devices, following 1800 MHz (band 3) and 2.6 GHz (band 7).

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