How Google wants to change telecom

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April 1, 2010:  NetworkWorld - Google says it doesn't want to be your Internet service provider; rather, it wants to make your ISP behave in a more Google-friendly manner.

What the U.S. can learn from international net neutrality, broadband policies

This is why, over the past several years, the Internet search giant has used its financial clout and the strength of its brand to make regular forays into the telecommunications industry. From lobbying for network neutrality legislation to developing its own mobile phone and operating system to creating an experimental high-speed broadband network, Google hasn't been shy about throwing its weight around on the carriers' turf.

And what does Google want from all this? Essentially it wants to give carriers less control over what they can and cannot do with their networks. For instance, one goal of the Android platform was to get the carriers to be less strict about what applications and content they will allow to run over their wireless networks. Net neutrality, meanwhile, will prevent carriers from giving priority to their own content over the content of rival ISPs and Internet companies.

Here we take a look at Google's major telecom initiatives while breaking down their overarching goals and the level of success they have achieved.

Initiative #1: Network neutrality Purpose
Initiative #2: Android and the Google Nexus One
Initiative #3: The experimental broadband network

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