Huawei Conducts 4x4 MIMO Trial on Commercial LTE Network

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Huawei has successfully executed LTE 4×4 MIMO field trial in the network of Deutsche Telekom. According to Huawei, this field trial showed download data rates of up to 250Mbps. MIMO offers improved network performance in terms of coverage, spectral efficiency and throughput. The LTE 4×4 MIMO field trial utilized Huawei's SingleRAN LTE solution.

Deutsche Telekom's LTE network has been launched in Cologne, Germany in June 2011 in the frequency band of 1.8 GHz. Deutsche Telekom has tested the LTE 4×4 MIMO technology as a choice to be prepared for the Gigabit Society, said the company.

"This is a key milestone in the LTE industry. Deutsche Telekom is one of the most innovative operators in the world. We are proud to foster our strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom and to contribute to the development of mobile broadband," said Ying Weimin, president of GSM&UMTS&LTE wireless networks, Huawei.

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Interesting but..

Can you please publish your source.
Without proper references, its hard to believe anything especially concerning Huawei.