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Huawei Demonstrates 3G/LTE in Lebanon

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Huawei has planned live demonstration of SDR /HSPA+/LTE technologies to support the innovative solutions to the Ministry of Telecommunications, Regulators, Telecommunications Operators, Internet Service Providers, the Lebanese community and Universities. Huawei has brought the touring Middle East 3G/ LTE Mobile Broadband Truck to Lebanon for this purpose. 

In the next few days from 31st May to 6th June 2010, Huawei will demonstrate advanced mobile broadband applications, within a simplified network structure and a unified platform to break down the barriers between different standards and technologies.

The demonstrations showcase SDR enabled SingleRAN (Radio Access network) solutions, which efficiently enable all existing mobile network technologies to evolve from GSM to UMTS, HSPA+ migrating to a single LTE based platform in the near future.

The live onsite demonstrations will enable customers to experience download speeds of up to 156 Mbps on Down Link with MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output (2X2)) based on Huaweis latest LTE E2E (End to End) system. These record speeds, which are approximately 500 times faster than existing commercial 2G networks, is expected to revolutionize the Lebanese 

subscriber experience by meeting bandwidth requirements of data heavy applications, such as being able to download a 4GB DVD movie in less than one minute.

To date, Huawei claims to have deployed over 60 LTE networks including lab trial, field trial and commercial networks with more than 3,300 LTE/SAE contributions to 3GPP serving the worlds top carriers including Telenor and other leading operators in the Middle East.

Huawei estimates that global data traffic on mobile broadband networks will grow 1,000 times over the next decade, from the current 85 million Giga-bytes per month in 2009. As the number of mobile broadband users continues to climb in Lebanon, subscribers will increasingly look for low tariffs with unlimited, high-speed access and abundant mobile broadband service, while operators will need network capabilities which allow them to accommodate the expansion pressures of mobile broadband network and profitable operation mode.

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