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Huawei Makes VoLTE Call with eSRVCC Handover

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Huawei has completed end-to-end VoLTE voice call with eSRVCC (Enhanced Single Radio Voice Call Continuity, defined in 3GPP R10) handover without any perceivable interruption for the end user, company announced. Based on an end-to-end VoLTE network architecture, the test showed how an LTE user can smoothly handover from an LTE network to a 3G WCDMA network with voice call continuity.

For this test, Huawei provided an end-to-end network solution, including radio access network and core network CS, IMS and EPC. Qualcomm provided VoLTE test mobile phones embedded with the Snapdragon™ S4 processor, the MSM8960™.

According to the 3GPP Release 8 specification, Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) provides seamless voice services when LTE users move from the LTE network coverage to 2G/3G network coverage. eSRVCC in 3GPP R10 enhances handover performance by eliminating the need to re-establish the bearer and signaling on both sides of the call leg and only requiring an update of the local call leg and keeping the remote leg of the call unchanged. This will further optimize the handover process and limit the cause of interruption time to the re-establishment of the local call leg and ensuring a better user experience.

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