Magyar Telekom, Ericsson Demonstrate LTE-Advanced in Hungary

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Hungary’s telecommunication service provider Magyar Telekom demonstrated LTE-Advanced technology, jointly with Ericsson, on its test network in Budapest. Operator tested today at Telekom’s headquarters in Budapest the bandwidth that can be implemented by the LTE-Advanced.

At Telekom’s and Ericsson’s joint demonstration the highest speed available with the LTE-Advanced technology under specific conditions, 250 Mbps was introduced by downloading huge size data packages and broadcasting the super 4K definition video content broadcast by an octocopter (drone) lifting off the ground on site and several external mobile cameras.

Telekom made commercial LTE service to its customers from January 2012. Today it's 4G mobile broadband is available to nearly 45% of the population and by 2015 Telekom plans to increase its outdoor coverage to 80% nationwide.

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soon LTEi is going to rule

soon LTEi is going to rule and already it has started to show its face. I am happy and sad at the same time. LTE must not destroy environmental stability.