MTS Builds 2000 LTE Base Stations in 2012

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MTS Router

Russian mobile operator Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) announced that it has built more than 2,000 LTE base stations in 2012. Operator's 4G LTE network now covers about 90% of the capital and more than fifty settlements near Moscow.

In 2012, MTS increased its 3G network by 25% to 28,000 base stations, launched 4G-network in the Moscow region and Kazan and significantly expanded the coverage of the second generation network. This year, MTS has built more than 5,000 new 3G base stations and about 6,000 2G base stations across Russia.

Operator has also started sales of multi-standard 4G LTE Wi-Fi routers in the salons of the MTS retail network in Moscow and the Moscow region. Router can simultaneously connect up to 10 different devices. The device also works on 3G (access speed up to 42 Mbit/s) and 2G. 

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