Nokia Demonstrates 5G-ready Network

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Nokia demonstrates a 5G network running on commercial platforms as part of its showcase at 5G World that will underline the momentum of bringing 5G to commercial reality. Following the successful launch in February of the 5G-ready AirScale Radio Access technology Nokia will demonstrate AirScale working together with its Cloud Packet Core, running on a Nokia AirFrame data center platform, the foundation of a commercial 5G architecture.

This demonstration was one of a number of activities at 5G World that Nokia conducted to update the industry on its progress in realizing the potential of 5G and the creation of a seamless fabric of dynamic networks serving a multi-connected world.

Nokia Bell Labs demonstrates a new concept in Network Slicing, which will create and automatically map capabilities for the radio, transport, core and application layers into a discreet network 'slice'. Using cloud orchestration, new services can be created instantly and delivered to meet the specific and diverse demands of any customer or application, such as providing low-latency support to control machines in a factory, or providing extreme high-speed broadband to enterprises and homes.

Nokia showcased its AirScale Radio Access, supporting a 4.5 GHz 5G cmWave access system using higher order MIMO antenna technology. Nokia's Cloud Packet Core demonstration featurs Mobility Management Entity (MME), System Architecture Evolution (SAE) Gateway and the Home Subscriber Server (HSS) - all operating on the Nokia AirFrame data center platform.

At Mobile World Congress 2016 Nokia Bell Labs demonstrated 5G massive capacity and connectivity  showing peak data speeds of over 30 Gbps, and enabling greater than 1 million devices to be served simultaneously by a single cell.

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