Nokia Siemens Networks Updates Liquid Radio Software Suites

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Liquid Net

Nokia Siemens Networks has announced introduction of a range of new features to its Liquid Radio Software Suites to help operators address constantly changing capacity demands. The update includes a new LTE Software Suite as well as new WCDMA and GSM Software Suite applications. 

According to company, the improved set of features across the range of Liquid Radio Software Suites enable operators to move toward 100 times greater WCDMA uplink capacity to meet growing capacity demand. They can also help release 35% of GSM spectrum for use by WCDMA and LTE, and ensure that LTE networks and spectrum are fully utilized. New GSM features in the Liquid Radio GSM Software Suite enable quality of service (QoS) differentiation to prioritize traffic and further improve service quality for GSM subscribers. 

The introduction of the new Liquid Radio LTE Software Suite anticipates the evolution of LTE multiband networks. It ensures that all LTE spectrum assets can be fully loaded, so operators can serve more subscribers with higher data speeds. These features balance traffic loads across different LTE base stations and frequency bands. As dual-mode LTE smartphones become more common, this balancing will also exist between FD-LTE and TD-LTE.

Company is also offers planning, implementation and optimization services for its new software features.

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