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Orange Moldova & Alcatel-Lucent demonstrate LTE

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Orange Moldova  has made a public demonstration of LTE technology in Chisinau. Orange showcased the live demonstration in cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent, Orange Labs, Moldova's telecommunications authority Anrceti, and Moldova's Telecommunications Ministry.

"By analyzing the evolution and use of traffic over 100,000 Orange customers who download more than 1MB per month for 3G, we decided to make another step towards LTE technology to offer more services and comfort in using the Internet. Our priority is to bring efficient and quality services, which would satisfy the demanding needs of our customers," said Liudmila Climoc, CEO of Orange Moldova.

Work on future technology licenses (4G) has already started and will be offered in 2011, according to Sergiu Sitna of Moldova's telecommunications authority Anrceti.

"This live presentation will help us better understand the possibilities that technology performance throughout Moldova to deploy over the coming years," said Sergiu Postica, Director of Strategy and Business Development.

Orange has operations in Moldova since April 1998 and today serves 1.8m subscribers. Orange has a GSM coverage of 99.4% and 98.9% of the population of the country, plus 88.5% of 3G services.


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Moldcell mobile operator was

Moldcell mobile operator was the first one to implement in Moldova EDGE and 3G technologies. Inform yourself before writing something.
thank you.

Article has been updated now,

Article has been updated now, I have removed the disputed information. It was based on press statement by Orange on http://www.orange.md/?c=1&sc=12&n=266

Moldcell though, was the

Moldcell though, was the first who introduced 3G on moldavian market.