Reliance & Ericsson Demonstrate TD-LTE

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Reliance Industries Limited and Ericsson India have showcased the results from the field trial of TD-LTE technology using 2.3 GHz (Indian BWA) band. The trial was conducted at the Reliance Corporate Park, Navi Mumbai. The group is developing its iconic campus which is on course of becoming the nerve center for RIL’s ambitious growth plan in promoting next generation mobile broadband service on Pan-India basis.

The trial showcased LTE-TDD network’s exceptional performance by achieving the healthy balanced peak rates of 80 Mbps in the downlink and 20 Mbps in the uplink.for the specified configuration/setup. The eco system capabilities were also showcased using ST-Ericsson dongles connected over the air to the base station. Full mobility with flawless delivery of applications such as HD Multimedia Streaming, LIVE TV was demonstrated with on-the-move speeds of 50 and 70 kilometers per hour as well as a seamless handover among the number of LTE Base Station Sectors.

A senior executive of Reliance Industries Limited said “This LTE trial not only demonstrated the superiority of LTE-TDD technology but it also strengthened our confidence in the timely availability of LTE eco-system in India with Ericsson’s global deployment expertise. This is an important milestone for Indian telecom industry in showcasing LTE performance on a live network.

Gowton Achaibar, Head of Region, Ericsson India said, “Today’s trial validates the future of ubiquitous high speed mobile broadband in India showcasing the availability of LTE-TDD. Consumers are now very close to realizing through high performance networks, the full promise of mobile-broadband, ultra-high data speeds for services such as internet TV, mobile video-blogging, online video games and the mobile office-environment. We are delighted to be an integral part of Reliance's LTE showcase as it underscores a firm commitment to standardized technologies that will benefit from economies of scale and global experiences".

Ericsson demonstrated a successful end to end LTE-TDD call in July in its India headquarters in Gurgaon.

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