SK Telecom Enables 2G and 3G Service Using LTE Network

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SK Telecom

South Korea's operator SK Telecom has successfully commercialized 2G and 3G services through LTE network. Named ‘2G/3G over LTE,’ the technology enhances the stability of 2G/3G mobile networks by utilizing LTE network as backhaul instead of fixed-line 2G/3G infrastructure. 

According to operator, even when the fixed-line 2G/3G infrastructure is damaged, – i.e. in case network equipment is damaged or 2G/3G fiber-optic transmission cable is damaged due to road construction or natural disasters - the company will still be able to provide its 2G/3G customers with a similar quality of mobile service by using its LTE network.

Once applied, LTE network can replace one of the two fiber-optic transmission networks in the 2G/3G redundancy network structure, thus enhancing the operator’s network building and operating efficiency. SK Telecom plans to apply the technology to 600 base stations by 2016.

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