SK Telecom Expands LTE Roaming Services to Canada and Switzerland

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SK Telecom

South Korea's operator SK Telecom has launched LTE international roaming services in Canada and Switzerland under partnerships with Canada’s Rogers and Swiss Swisscom.  

SK Telecom’s LTE/LTE-Advanced subscribers will be able to use seamless roaming in all areas of Switzerland excluding mountainous regions, and major cites of Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton.

SK Telecom is also in talks with mobile carriers in Japan, China and the U.S. to launch LTE international roaming in those countries.

The company expects these services to serve as a solid basis for expanding its global LTE roaming footprint to other areas of Europe and the Americas. In particular, since most of the mobile phones released from August will work on the 2.6GHz spectrum, LTE roaming service will become available in many countries in Europe and the Americas.

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