Smart Trials LTE-Advanced in Philippines

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Smart LTE

Philippines’ wireless services provider Smart Communications has recently conducted LTE-Advanced trials in Metro Manila and Davao City. According to operator, Smart's test facilities achieved speeds of up to 209.66 mbps at trials held first in Makati City in cooperation with network equipment provider Huawei Philippines.

Last weekend, in Davao City, Smart also achieved LTE-Advanced speeds of up to 210.58 mbps. Smart and Huawei officials tested the LTE-Advanced connectivity deployed in the area, and attained more than three times of 62.71 mbps of current Smart LTE.

File download tests were also performed, with a 10-MB file taking about five seconds to download from a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server via the current Smart LTE network, and the same 10-MB file  downloading via LTE-Advanced in just about a second or one-fifth of the time it took the current Smart LTE. 

In the test setup in both Makati City and Davao City, LTE Advanced was also deployed over WiFi, enabling devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to experience extremely high speeds by logging on to the local wireless network.

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