ST-Ericsson & Nokia to Develop TD-LTE Devices for China

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ST-Ericsson and Nokia are developing TD-LTE demonstration devices for China Mobile. At the Shanghai Expo, Nokia and ST-Ericsson demonstrated video streaming and other multimedia services on a TD-LTE Nokia Booklet containing ST-Ericsson’s M700 TD-LTE modem. 

According to ST-Ericsson, It’s LTE modems can download data at speeds of up to 100 Mbps and enable mobile subscribers to enjoy high-definition video streaming, video conferencing, online gaming, rapid file transfers and other demanding multimedia services.

China Mobile is trialing TD-LTE, which has a wide interest from operators around the world.

“Although LTE is still in its infancy, this sophisticated technology has the potential to bring a raft of compelling high-speed multimedia services to hundreds of millions of consumers all over the world,” said Heikki Koivu, Vice President, TD-SCDMA Business Team, Nokia. 

Nokia and ST-Ericsson had announced a partnership in late 2009 in the TD-SCDMA market, which has since resulted in the launch of several devices in China.

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