VoLGA Provides Fastest Call-setup times for LTE

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February 16, 2010 - Recent Voice over LTE testing confirms that VoLGA (Voice over LTE via Generic Access) outperforms current 3G network call-setup times by nearly 40 percent. The testing, conducted with Deutsche Telekom’s next generation mobile test network using LTE technology and a VoLGA solution from Kineto Wireless, delivers call-setup times up to 65 percent faster than alternative LTE voice technologies, such as CS Fallback.

“We were confident that VoLGA would deliver a superior user experience, and now we have the test results to prove it,” said Franz Seiser, head of core network technology at Deutsche Telekom. “Customers who subscribe to next generation network services will expect performance to exceed today’s technologies, and it’s clear VoLGA can meet those expectations.”

The low latency of LTE access networks results in very high-speed message exchanges between the handset and network, enabling VoLGA to outperform even standard UMTS-based call-setup times. For operators intent on touting the overall speed of new LTE networks, this is a key performance metric.

“VoLGA is very focused on delivering a better user experience than 3G. Our testing has already shownquantitative improvements over CS Fallback in the areas of faster call-setup times, lower dropped call rates, and the ability to talk and surf the Internet at the same time,” said Patrick Tao, vice president of technology for Kineto Wireless. “VoLGA takes full advantage of emerging LTE technology to help operators deliver a truly compelling user experience for the LTE subscriber.”

Kineto Wireless is the key innovator and leading supplier of standards-based solutions that enable mobile operators to embrace the cost and performance advantages of fixed and mobile broadband access networks. Kineto provides software and services to major wireless infrastructure and handset vendors so they can deliver Smart Offload solutions based on Wi-Fi and Femtocell technologies, as well as Voice over LTE. Kineto customers and partners include AudioCodes, Cisco, GENBAND, HTC, Juniper Networks, LG Electronics, Motorola, NEC, Qualcomm, RIM, Samsung and Ubiquisys. For more information about Kineto, please visit http://www.kineto.com.

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Looks like only Kineto is

Looks like only Kineto is pushing VoLGA as most of big players are going for VoLTE