LTE-Advanced and IEEE 802.16m WiMAX pass 4G standards-based assessments

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LTE-Advanced and IEEE 802.16m WiMAX have cleared the ITU 4G standard requirements, according to Korea Communications Commission.

Motorola offers Single RAN Solution for WiMAX 802.16m or LTE Migration

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Motorola is now offering WiMAX Evolution solution for operators to upgrade existing WiMAX 802.16e / 802.16e Enhanced networks to 802.16m or TD-LTE or to add LTE to their existing WiMAX networks.&nb

WiMAX Manufacturers, Providers Agree on New Enhancements

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WiMAX equipment manufacturers, service providers and chip companies have reached a major milestone in advancing the speed of data and the efficiency of broadband wireless networks based on the 802.

Globe Telecom Tests LTE

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Philippines service provider Globe Telecom has started testing the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in collaboration with parent SingTel. 

Menatelecom signs WiMAX expansion contract with Motorola

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Menatelecom has signed a expansion contract with Motorola to boost its WiMAX network capacity and coverage in Bahrain to handle 100,000 subscribers.

Verizon Wireless: LTE on track and coverage to match 3G by 2013

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Verizon Wireless says that by 2013 the LTE coverage map will match it's current 3G coverage map.

CETECOM to validate LTE devices for Verizon

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Verizon Wireless has selected CETECOM as a laboratory to test devices for operation on the nationwide 4G LTE network that Verizon Wireless is building on the Upper 700 MHz C-Block spectrum. 

Motorola Introduces New WiMAX devices

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Motorola has added two new WiMAX devices, CPEi 800 and the CPEi 885.

Nokia Siemens Networks announces LTE SON offering

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Nokia Siemens Networks has launched its SON (Self Organizing Networks) offering for LTE at CommunicAsia 2010 in Singapore. The offering is part of the Nokia Siemens Networks SON suite. 

Acme Packet adds four new customers across southeastern Asia

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Acme Packet has added four new customers across southeastern Asia for its session border controllers (SBCs).

NetLogic Processors Power Commercial LTE Equipments

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NetLogic Microsystems has announced that its families of multi-core, multi-threaded processors have been designed into multiple equipment, from eNodeB base stations to Gateways, that are deployed i

Alcatel-Lucent Sees Growth For Asia, Backhaul Investment

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Alcatel-Lucent  expects return to growth in Asia, according to Rajeev Singh-Molares, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s Asia-Pacific operations, reports The Wall Street Journal.

picoChip sells one million chips, sees revenue growth

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picoChip has announced that it has sold one million chips and is on track to achieve over 50% quarter-on-quarter sequential revenue growth this calendar quarter. 

Ericsson refutes Informa study on LTE patents

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Ericsson expects to hold 25 percent of all essential patents for LTE, making it the largest patent holder in the industry, according to company website. 

South African regulator ICASA extends spectrum application deadline

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South African regulator ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa)  has extended the closing date for submissions of applications for spectrum in the 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz band