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Field trials of LTE with 4x4 MIMO

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The Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard for mobile broadband includes multi-antenna transmission modes that improve performance in terms of coverage, spectral efficiency and peak throughput.

Ericsson: volume deliveries of 4G/LTE in NA region

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This week Ericsson declared second quarter 2010 financial results showing increase in operating expenses.

Vodafone Germany selects Ericsson, Huawei for LTE development

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Vodafone Germany has named Huawei and Ericsson as a technology partner for LTE development.

Ericsson wins managed services contract from China Mobile

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Ericsson has won managed services contract from China Mobile Hebei, a provincial company of China Mobile.

Ericsson demonstrates end-to-end TD-LTE solution

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Ericsson showcased its complete end-to-end TD-LTE solution for the first time today, together with ST-Ericsson devices at a China Mobile event in Shanghai, China.

Ericsson: 5 Billion Mobile Subscriptions Worldwide

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Mobile world has reached another milestone with Internet becoming increasingly mobile.

eMobile enhances HSPA+ network

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Japanese mobile operator eMobile has pre-launched its new mobile broadband network using Ericsson's equipments with HSPA+ technology, that claims to support downlink peak data rate of 42 Mbps.

Ericsson demonstrates LTE in India

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Ericsson has conducted first trials of TDD LTE in India using 2.3GHz band, Ericsson made first data call at the Experience Centre, Ericsson Forum, in Gurgaon.

Ericsson & Chunghwa Telecom declare Taiwan's LTE field trial result

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Ericsson and Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories have announced Taiwan's first LTE field trial results.

Ericsson Completes Acquisition of Nortel's stake of LG-Nortel

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Ericsson has completed the acquisition of Nortel's majority shareholding in LG-Nortel, the joint venture of LG Electronics and Nortel Networks.

Ericsson showcases LTE mobile technology in SA

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Ericsson recently showcased Long-term evolution (LTEi)in South Africa.

TeliaSonera opens LTE network in Malmo & Gothenburg

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Earlier this week TeliaSonera opened LTE network in Malmo & Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ericsson shows off LTE Voice & 100 Mbps data call

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Ericsson has demonstrated LTE with a speed of 100 Mbps alongwith Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call  at their local offices in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ericsson to showcase LTE in South Africa

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Ericsson has planned to demonstrate LTE with a speed of 150 Mbps and HSPA Evolution with up to 84 Mbps at their local offices in Johannesburg, South Africa from 21 June – 16 July, according to

Ericsson refutes Informa study on LTE patents

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Ericsson expects to hold 25 percent of all essential patents for LTE, making it the largest patent holder in the industry, according to company website.