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The operator Interdnestrcom (Tiraspol,Transnistria) in tandem with the Alcatel-Lucent have carried out the project of 4G LTE wireless network building.On December, 29 of 2011, operator made the first test call by using LTE technology in 800 MHz band.

In June 2011, the companies Interdnestrcom and Alcatel-Lucent Ukraine had signed a contract to build a mobile network on the basis of LTE.

The network into commercial operation is scheduled for the second quarter of 2012. At the present moment four base stations are working on air.

The total number of base stations in the first phase of the network in operation will be 40 units  It will allow to cover 80% of the territory of Transnistria, or 90% of mobile subscribers.

Visit http://idknet.com for further details.

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See latest PR from IDC - they've launched commercially

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