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LightSquared is building a national 4G-LTE open wireless broadband network that incorporates nationwide satellite coverage and offers the capacity to support the explosive demand generated by new consumer devices and mobile applications. Through its wholesale-only business model, those without their own wireless network or who have limited geographic coverage or spectrum can market and sell their own products using the LightSquared network—at a competitive price and without retail competition from LightSquared.

LightSquared is currently conducting technical testing which will run through 2011. Once this phase is complete, customers are expected to launch services in 2012.

LightSquared and Sprint Nextel have entered into a 15-year agreement that includes spectrum hosting and network services, 4G wholesale and 3G roaming. Under the agreement, Sprint Nextel will deploy and operate a nationwide LTE network that hosts L-Band spectrum licensed to LightSquared. Through a 3G nationwide roaming agreement with Sprint Nextel, LightSquared’s wholesale customers will be able to offer combined 4G/3G data services as soon as LightSquared launches its first 4G markets in 2012.

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