in Operator, T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA, had announced at begining of this year that its 3G upgrade of its current network is complete and it is beginning its own effort to deploy 4G (via HSPA+, then LTE). By the end of 2010, T-Mobile expects to have HSPA+ deployed across the breadth of its 3G footprint, covering more than 100 metropolitan areas and 185 million people.

T-Mobile USA is the US operating entity of T-Mobile International AG, the mobile communications subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. Deutsche Telekom is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, with nearly 120 million customers worldwide.

Unlike its competitors, T-Mobile USA does not own spectrum in the 700MHz band that is being used for the country's LTE rollouts and therefore has no LTE migration timeframe in place. T-Mobile USA is considering leasing network capacity from the private equity firm Harbinger Capital to build its 4G wireless network, according to FT.

Deutsche Telekom offers broadband and fixed-network services all over Europe. Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile brand is represented across Europe and in the USA.

One year ago, T-Mobile Austria and Huawei presented the first LTE tests in a specially configured test network in Austria. T-Mobile has been operating a specially installed live network for LTE tests for over a year. The network runs on the 2.6 GHz frequency band. Recently T-Mobile Austria tested Samsung LTE stick in the live network.

T-mobile's LTE demo at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, February 2009. This used the LG LTE terminal and Nortel base station. Handover between node-Bs is shown but there is only one terminal.

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