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KDDI is expected to launch LTE as early as 2011. KDDI aims the nationwide LTE based service at the early stage. 96.5% population coverage ratio by the end of FY2015.3 is expected.

“We have succeeded in bringing our customers satisfaction with the performance and quality of services via our CDMA network, but the growing demand for broader bandwidth and richer multimedia applications drove us to move towards LTE. We look forward to deploying LTE by the end of 2012 and the benefits a global ecosystem for Mobile Broadband will provide,” said Tadashi Onodera, President and Chairman, KDDI.

KDDI is planning to introduce au (*4) mobile phones equipped with LTE that will support commercial services scheduled to launch in December 2012. In order to further maximize the efficient use of frequency, 800MHz and 1.5GHz LTE systems will be deployed, and measures are being taken to have national broadband mobile phone service covering 96.5% of Japan by the end of 2014.

KDDI selected Hitachi to be a joint development vendor of core network nodes (MME, S-GW, P-GW and PCRF) defined as SAE by the 3GPP, network equipment, and O&M equipment for monitoring and control. 

KDDI selected NEC as a vendor for the development and production of wireless base stations for it'splanned LTE mobile communications systems.

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