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TeliaSonera was the first operator in the world with the launch of commercial 4G LTE services to customers in Stockholm, Sweden, and in Oslo, Norway, in 2009. During 2010, the extensive network roll out continues in 25 cities and recreation areas in Sweden and in 4 in Norway. TeliaSonera has secured deliveries for 4G modems with support for 3G and 2G during the second quarter 2010.

TeliaSonera has nationwide LTE licenses in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. During 2010, the 4G network roll out continues in Sweden's 25 largest cities and vaction areas and Norway's 4 largest cities.

TeliaSonera offers mobile broadband speeds up to a maximum speed of 100 Mbit/s in Stockholm and Oslo using 4G.

During the first quarter 2010, TeliaSonera will open up the Finnish 4G network for pilot customers.

TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services that help people and companies communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

TeliaSonera is an international group with a global strategy, but wherever we operate we act as a local company. We offer our services in 20 markets in the Nordic and Baltic countries, the emerging markets of Eurasia, including Russia and Turkey, and in Spain.


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