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LTE Summit 2011 in India

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3G has been already rolled out in the India successfully and Operators are now looking ahead to provide full fledge mobile broadband services to their customers. <

Sprint and T-Mobile in merger talk?

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Sprint and T-Mobile are in merger talk according to a report from Bloomberg.

Sprint LTE network by 2013?

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According to a Sprint executive, company is considering to launch nationwide LTE network.

Verizon Wireless Expands LTE Network, Plans LTE in Rural America

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Verizon Wireless has expanded the LTE network to cover more than 80 percent of the population in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Alcatel-Lucent's lightRadio to radically shrink base stations and cell towers

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Alcatel-Lucent has announced lightRadio, a new system to end the mobile industry’s reliance on masts and base stations.

Russia: LTE Progress Slow

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LTE progress has slowed down in Russia and it appears that comercial LTE will be available only in 2014-2015.

T-Mobile USA explains 4G strategy

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CEO Philipp Humm's management team at T-Mobile USA intends to bring about a decisive improvement in the company's operations and gain market share with its challenger s

Verizon Wireless to offer LTE in two-third of the U.S market by mid 2012

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Verizon Wireless plans to continue launching 4G LTE markets over the next 36 months aggressively and will cover two-thirds of the U.S.

MTS Group announces LTE based International Roaming arrangement

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Last month VivaCell-MTS launched 4G/LTE commercial test network in Armenia with a live demo conducted in Yerevan.

Verizon's gets ready for first 4G LTE smartphone

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Verizon Wireless is set to introduce a half-dozen LTE smartphones at Consumer Electronics Show next week.

T-Mobile, Nokia Siemens Networks promote Long Term HSPA Evolution

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Working on LTE lines, T-Mobile USA and Nokia Siemens Networks are pushing for Long Term HSPA Evolution to achive speeds of more than 650 Mbps.

Carrier Aggregation for LTE-Advanced

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To meet LTE-Advanced requirements, support of wider transmission bandwidths is required than the 20 MHz bandwidth specified in 3GPP Release 8/9.

Vodafone offers LTE, Deutsche Telekom next year

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Vodafone Germany is launching comercial LTE on December 1 and is offering LTE surf sticks to it's customers. The new Samsung LTE data stick are available nationwid

LTE North Americas 2010 Awards

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Companies were awarded for their

Local IP Access and IP Traffic Offload for Femtocells

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3GPP has enhanced Local IP Access and IP Traffic Offload for femtocells in Release 10.