LTE Suppliers

Here is a list of companies which are providing LTE technology related products and solutions. This list is not complete and is frequently updated, check back again for more details. Vendor pages may not be complete and for more details please visit vendor's websites.

To add/modify LTE product portfolios please contact us.

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Service providers are anticipating the need to significantly increase their network capacity to address the rapid growth in subscribers, devices, and applications.

Trillium wireless software from Continuous Computing is synonymous with high quality and superior performance.

Empirix provides a wide range of end-to-end service quality assurance and network analytic solutions for LTE and mobile environments. Empirix help businesses master the complexities of transforming and managing networks to enhance customer experience and create profits.

Ericsson has introduced the industry’s most advanced Evolved Packet Core portfolio.

Fujitsu LTE solutions will take you to the world of mobile broadband.

Greenpacket, a global 4G networking solutions provider, is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and listed on the Main Board of the Malaysian bourse. Greenpacket prides itself as a leading developer of Next Generation mobile broadband and networking solutions.

Huawei's goals are to to meet all, long-term performance requirements for mobile broadband while helping operators reduce costs on multiple levels.

Intel, a leader in computing innovation, designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. In October 2013, Intel Corporation announced the commercial availability of its multimode, multiband 4G LTE solution. The Intel® XMM™ 7160 platform is featured in the LTE version of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3.

IPWireless develops and designs 3G and 4G wireless broadband and broadcast solutions, including chipsets, devices and complete network infrastructure solutions, based on 3GPP, the world’s preeminen

Kineto Wireless is uniquely suited to helping operators benefit from broadband access networks.