LTE Suppliers

Here is a list of companies which are providing LTE technology related products and solutions. This list is not complete and is frequently updated, check back again for more details. Vendor pages may not be complete and for more details please visit vendor's websites.

To add/modify LTE product portfolios please contact us.

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MindTree Wireless has been working on Next Generation technologies since 2006 and has a team with expertise in 4G technology.

Leveraging our latest OFDM platforms, the Motorola LTE portfolio will offer a smooth migration for both 3GPP and 3GPP2 operators.

Mymo Wireless Technology Pvt.Ltd is a 4G technology provider for LTE OEM, ODM and Silicon vendors. The company is a provider of LTE Air interface PHY and Protocol Stack for LTE devices with support for customization.


NEC's LTE solutions provide an extremely flexible platform that offers operators smooth, simple and seamless migration from their existing networks.

Powelful Wrap-Around Tester

neXus group, an expert for identity and access management and PKI,  works with secure information. neXus clients are organisations for which IT and the Internet are essential to the management of sensitive information and knowledge.

The way forward for mobile connectivity is Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

Nomor Research has been involved in LTE research and standardisation from its early beginnings.

LTE comes hand in hand with SAE (System Architecture Evolution), an evolution of the Core Network towards a flat, packet only, all-IP based architecture.

Panorama Antennas, established in London in 1947, is the UK’s largest antenna designer and manufacturer.